Rat & Mouse Lure Pouch (Nut Butter)

Rat & Mouse Lure Pouch (Nut Butter)

Rat & Mouse Lure Pouch (Nut Butter)


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*Now Available in Nut Butter Formula!

Pre-feed lure encourages rats and mice toward your trap and away from any competing food sources making your trap irresistible whenever a pest shows up to check it out.

Because our lures are totally toxin-free there's no risk of secondary poisoning. Making them safe to use around pets, wildlife and children.

Pre-feeding around your trap also gives resident rodents a taste of the lure that’s inside your trap, encouraging them to stick their head up into the trap to try to get some more from your Automatic Lure Pump. Find out which lure works best for your place.

According to our field trials, all of our lures are equally effective when it comes to attracting those pesky pests into the A24. But, if you want to try something new, have a preference for one flavor over the other or you think the resident rodents at your place might like another one better, give Chocolate lure a go!


  • 200g of long-life lure
  • Nut Butter formula, highly attractive to rats
  • Toxin-free so safe for you, your pets, and native birds
  • Water-resistant
  • Stable in hot and alpine climates