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Goodnature® USA

A24 Tree Mount

A24 Tree Mount

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Having an extra Goodnature® Tree Mount makes it easier to move your A24 trap between different locations.

To move your trap safely, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Digital Strike Counter (if you have one) by rotating it counter-clockwise and downwards off the gas canister.
  2. Remove the CO2 canister.
  3. Test fire the trap to flush out any remaining pressurized gas, by using a pen or stick to push the wire trigger to one side. If there is still gas in the trap the orange striker will be triggered, if nothing happens all gas has been flushed out and the trap is safe to move.
  4. Remove the trap from the tree mount and move to its new location.

A24 Tree Mount

  • 1 x A24 Tree mount
  • 2 x Stainless steel screws
  • 2 x A24 Tree mount
  • 4 x Stainless steel screws
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