A24 Home Trapping Kit with Counter

A24 Home Trapping Kit with Counter

A24 Home Trapping Kit with Counter


*We've got over 15 years of experience in trapping, so you know our traps will stand up to whatever you throw at them.

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*This kit does not include A24 Tree Mount

*This kit does not include the A24 Tree Mount

Rats in your ceiling, your walls or your compost. The sight, the sound, just the thought of rats chomping through your insulation or scuttling about your home isn’t pretty. The Goodnature® Home Trapping Kit has all you need to solve your rodent problem and give you constant control against rodent invasion.

This version of the Home Trapping Kit comes with a Digital Strike Counter, to let you know how many rats or mice have been killed. When the counter hits 24, you know it’s time to replace the gas canister.

This is perfect if you’re thinking of using your trap outside as rats are often scavenged by surrounding predators like cats, birds and other rats - so you may not see dead pests under your trap.

At the heart of the Home Trapping Kit is the A24 Rat & Mouse Trap. The A24 Rat & Mouse Trap automatically resets itself, uses toxin-free paste and is certified humane.

The A24 Trap is powered by a CO2 gas canister. This is how it automatically resets after each strike. One gas canister can kill 24 rats and mice before it needs replacing.

The Home Trapping Kit includes a Trap Stand making it easy to move your trap to target different rodent hotspots and helps dispose of dead pests without touching them.

Keeping the paste in your trap fresh is really important in catching rats and mice; this kit includes an Automatic Paste Pump to do this for you. The Automatic Paste Pump contains our toxin-free long-life paste, which it automatically dispenses over six months, so no more re-baiting traps every few days.

When you start trapping with the A24 Rat & Mouse Trap, giving your local rats and mice a taste of the paste inside your trap increases your success in catching them. The Home Trapping Kit includes six Paste Tasters to get your rodents hooked on the paste inside the trap.

All you need to know to get started is in the box too. The Quick Start Guide will step you through how to set up your trap.

A24 Home Trapping Kit

 Trapping outdoors?

The Home Trapping Kit can be used outdoors. However, if you’re trapping outdoors and will be using multiple traps to control rats and mice on your property, consider using trap mounts. These are easily attached to a tree trunk or wooden post.

Our traps, trap stands, gas canisters, counters and pastes are designed to last in indoor spaces through to the tough outdoor conditions of wild places.

We’re here to help. 

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We stand for solutions that are effective, humane as well as being easy and safe to use. Our traps are designed to target specific pests, nothing else.

Made to last

Made to Last
Our traps, trap stands, gas canisters, counters and pastes are designed to last in indoor spaces through to the tough outdoor conditions of wild places.


Our traps automatically reset themselves and dispense fresh paste for six months. You’ll catch up to 24 rats or mice before you need to reset.

Constant control

Constant control
Our traps keep on top of pests for you, killing them one after another, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Easy to use

Easy to Use
We’ve done a whole lot of head-scratching so you don’t have to - our traps are easy to set up and move around, indoors and out.


When it comes to being humane, our traps have been independently tested and meet the highest international standards.

  • 1x A24 Rat & Mouse Trap
  • 1x Trap Stand
  • 1x Digital Strike Counter
  • 1x CO2 gas canister
  • 1x Automatic Paste Pump (contains 50 g of paste)
  • 6x Lure Tasters
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
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