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Goodnature® USA

CO2 Canisters

CO2 Canisters

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The CO2 canister is what powers your trap, enabling it to automatically reset and kill 24 rats or mice before it needs replacing. Early on, we discovered that not all gas canisters are made equal. We tested dozens before choosing the highest possible quality to keep your trap running smoothly. To maximize the life of your trap, we recommend using Goodnature® CO2 canisters.
  • Delivers 24 strikes per canister
  • 16g of CO2 per canister
  • Non-flammable
  • Single use
  • Made of recyclable steel

    Why to use Goodnature canisters

    It is advised that you only use Goodnature® 16g CO2 canisters when deploying your traps. There are several reasons behind this, as demonstrated below:

    • Goodnature CO2 canisters use dry silicone which lubricates and seals the regulator to ensure your trap will last longer.
    • Our CO2 canisters are sourced from Taiwan and are guaranteed to contain no petrochemical residues from factory machinery. Petrochemical residues cause the rubber seals of your trap to perish more quickly.
    • Our CO2 canisters are built extra rugged, to prevent corrosion in the field with a gold passivate coating.
    • Our CO2 canisters are quality checked upon arrival to ensure all of the threads on our canisters fit properly for their purpose.
    • Lastly, using non-Goodnature CO2 canisters voids your warranty, as we can't be expected to be responsible for canisters that we have not quality assured.

    What's in the box

    • 5 Pack: 5 x 16g CO2 Canisters
    • 10 Pack: 10 x 16g CO2 Canisters
    • 30 Pack: 30 x 16g CO2 Canisters

    Compatible traps

    • A24 Traps
    • A18 Traps

    Trapping support

    Trapping isn't an exact science and can sometimes require a pragmatic approach. Our trapping experts are on hand to help you troubleshoot and trapping location and help you find the right combination of location, pre-feeding, and baiting to help you achieve success.

    Call: 1-877-992-8868

    Corporate sales

    Looking to purchase in large quantities for your business? Take advantage of our business pricing by visiting our Corporate pricing.

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    • Upto 24 Strikes

    • automatic


    • Easy to Install

    • Safe Around Pets

    • Eco-Friendly

    • Built to Last

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